Yeoman of the Guard 1950

One week commencing 9th October 1950.

Hippodrome Theatre, Wrexham.

Wrexham Amatuer Operatic Society.

Proceeds in aid of The Wrexham Victory Commemoration Fund.


Sir Richard Cholmondeley (Lieut. of the Tower) – Peter Bird

Sergeant Meryll (one of the Yeomen) – Fred Davies

Leonard Meryll (his Son) – Ted Jones

Colonel Fairfax (under sentence of death) – Victor Cosgrove

Wilfred Shadbolt (Head Jailer) – Harry C. Wagg

Jack Point (a Strolling Jester) – T. Arthur Williams

The Headsman – Jesse Jackson

His Assistants – Michael Kennedy & Oscar Jones

1st yeoman – Richard Randles

2nd Yeoman – Don Sernberg

1st Citizen – Trevor Scott

2nd Citizen – Norman Barber

Elsie Maynard (a Strolling Singer) – Gisela Pratt

Phoebe Meryll .(Sgt. Meryll’s daughter) – Jessie E. Kippax

Dame Carruthets (Housekeeper of the Tower) – Violet Samuel, L.R.A.M.

Kate (her Niece) – Peggy Crewe

ACT 1 Tower Green.

ACT 2 The Same (Two days later).

Date 16th Century

The OPERA produced by Mrs. Harold Mitchell., Chester.

Ladies of the Chorus:

Anne Cudworth, Marie Davies, Gwyneth Edwards, Gwyneth Evans, Dilys Howells, E. J. Rees Jones, Eirwen Rees Jones, Eva Boden, Joyce Glynne Jones, Myfanwy Jones, Nellie Kershaw, Phyllis Kilhan, Kathleen Moore, Margaret Morgan, Dot Miller, Margaret Davies, Nina Phoenix, May Riley, Elsie Roberts, Jean E. D. Roberts, Vi Scott, Flo Weaver, Nancy Wynne.

Gentlemen of the Chorus:

Norman Boden (Yeoman of the Guard).

D. Llew. Davies (Yeoman of the Guard).

Wm. Jackson (Yeoman of the Guard).

James C. Overton (Yeoman of the Guard).

Eric Rogers (Yeoman of the Guard).

Dan Scott (Yeoman of the Guard).

D. Oulton Dorrofield (Citizen).

Eric Edwards (Citizen).

G. Edwards (Citizen).

C. S. Pickering (Citizen).

Harold Riley (Citizen).

R. A. Sutton (Citizen).

W. C. Udall (Citizen).

Eddie Williams (Citizen).


Musical Director – Sydney Hayes

Chorus Master – Leonard Pugh, L.R.A.M.

1st Violins – W. B. Dixon-Williams (Leader), J. H. Lloyd, J. Peake.

2nd Violin – T. R. Tunstall.

Viola – H. C. Bull.

Cello – Bernard Jones, Wilfred Butterton.

Double Bass – Llew. Jones.

Flute – Hywel Edwards, Gwynfryn Roberts.

Clarinet – R. L. Davies.

Bassoon – Dennis Williams.

Trumpets – J. Walsh, A. Wright.

Trombone – D. Phelps.

Horn – Merion Thomas.

Percussion – J. H. Cudworth.

Pianoforte – Leonard Pugh, L.R.A.M.

Stage Manager – S. Thornton.

Property Master – G. N. Peart.

Wardrobe Mistress – Mrs. Yule.

Wardrobe Master – Norman Boden.

Programme Steward – John Roberts.

Hall Manager – H. D. Caldwell.

Programmes and Publicity – J. P. Horton.

Make-up – Geo. McDermott, E. Astles, Marion Owen, Gwen Williams.

Tickets – W. Jackson.

Scenery – Capes Chiswick, London.

Costumes – F. A. Smith, Ltd., Manchester.

Printing. Edwin Jones And Son Printers, Wrexham.

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