Wizard of OZ – Mar 2001

Riverside Studio Theatre

Wizard of OZ

Director – Mary Rowley

Musical Director – Kevin Whitley

Choreography – Helen Stone

The Story
The story begins on a small farm in Kansas, where Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are worried about a twister looming in the sky. Where is Dorothy? As usual she is busy daydreaming of what could be beyond The Rainbow.

Suddenly the twister strikes and takes the house up over the rainbow along with Dorothy inside. It lands in Munchkinland on top of the Wicked Witch of the East.

The Mayor and all the munchkins are afraid; whoever killed the Wicked Witch must be more powerful. But, reassured by the good Sorceress of the North, the munchkins and Dorothy celebrate the witch’s death.

Dorothy asks the munchkins how to get back to Kansas but they do not know. The Sorceress tells Dorothy only The Great Wizard of Oz knows how, so they tell her to follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD. She meets the Wicked Witch of the West who wants revenge for her sister’s death, but the Sorceress has put a magic mark on Dorothy’s forehead to protect her from the witch.

On her way to Oz Dorothy meets a Scarecrow who wants a Brain, a Tin Man who wants a Heart and a cowardly Lion who wants Courage.

Join them on their amazing journey to see the Wizard of OZ

in the Emerald City and their adventures along the way.


Cast of Characters

DOROTHY – Lia Fisher

AUNT EM – Laura Roberts

SCARECROW – Steven Jones

TINMAN – Stewart Venables

LION – Shaun Edwards


SORCERESS – Freya Kavanagh

GLORIA – Catherine Roberts

LADY OF OZ – Sophie Parry

1St WITCH – Seren Evans

2nd WITCH – Roesja Blok

UNCLE HENRY – Mark Chadwick

JOE (FARM HAND) – Steven Williams

TIBIA – Samantha Harrington

MAYOR – Mark Chadwick

FARMER – Christopher Waters

CORONER – Matthew Large

1st GENERAL – Steven Williams

PRIVATE – Christopher Waters

GENERALS – Mark Chadwick,

Matthew Large, Anthony Morris.

LORD GROWLIE – Huw Phillips

OSMAS – Elizabeth Barker

WIZARD OF OZ – Louise Priamo

FARM HANDS – Anthony Morris, Matthew Large

Munchkins – Keira Pugh, Lucy Dean, Sara Jones, Sophie Evans,

Leanne Teburi, Kelly Roberts, Joanna Phillips,

Emma Nadin, Libby Bove

Lollipop Guild Boys – James Cox, Dominic Simms,

Christopher Nadin, James Harper.

Dancers – Katie Cooney, Samantha Harrington,

Seren Evans, Lucy Dean, Keira Pugh.

Evening Star Singers – Catherine Roberts, Lia Fisher,

Katie Cooney, Samantha Harrington,

Sophie Parry, Susie Evans, Jessica Stevens, Julie Jones,

Elizabeth Barker, Sarah Jones, Melissa Jones.


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