The Mikado – Dec 1945 to Jan 1946

The Great Hall, Grove Park County School for Girls.

The Mikado – 31st Dec 1945 to 5th Jan 1946.

The Great Hall, Grove Park County School for Girls.

The Mikado or The Town of Titpu.

Produced by Harry Yates (of the National Operatic and Dramatic Association).


Dramatis Personae

The Mikado – Ernest Thomas

Nanki Poo – John E. Albiston

Koko-Koko – T. Arthur Williams

Pooh-Bah – Harry C. Wagg

Pish-Tush – Fred Hannaby

Yum-Yum – Margaret Rawlins

Pitti-Sing – Gwen Roberts

Peep-Bo – Mary Price

Katisha – Violet Samuel

Two Soldiers – Albert Maggs & Edward Boden

Two Coolies – Dennis Edwards & Kenneth Edwards

Attendant to Koko – Ronald Pickering


ACT 1 Courtyard of Koko’s Palace in Titipu

ACT 2 Garden of Koko’s Palace

Ladies of the Chorus:

Pyllis Kilhan, Olwen Jones, Eva Boden, Lily Benson, Dot Miller, Doris Sylven, Nellie Kershaw, Myfanwy Jones, Dilys Howells, Violet Scott, May Riley, Ibly. Protheroe, Nancy Wynn, Nena Phoenix, Renee Jackson, Hazel Underwood, Eva Bellis, Bessie Jenkins, Myf. Ogden, Margaret L. Morgan, Kathleen Moore, Gwyneth Edwards, Florence Hughes.

Gentlemen of the Chorus:

A. E. Cotgreave, G. O. Smith, W. R. Davies, E. Edwards, D. Scott, T. E. Richards, G. Edwards, T. A. Scott, N.A.Boden, R.Randles, O.Pickering, D. Ll. Davies, W. Jackson, H. J. Davies, I. Ellis, J. Jackson, E. Williams, A. Davies.

Conductor: S. E. Hayes.


1st Violins: Alby Hull (Leader), H. D. Caldwell, J. W. Lloyd, Gwladys Davies.

2nd Violins: T. R. Tunstall, Bertha Harding.

Viola: G. F. Pritchard.

Violincello: W. Butterton, Bernard Jones.

Double Bass: Llew. Jones.

Flutes: Hywel Edwards, Stephen Williams.

Oboes: Gordon Craine, W. Miller-Jones.

Clarinets: R. L. Davies, D. O. Griffiths.

Bassoon: Dennis Williams.

Trumpets: Francis Donlan, Sid Williams.

Trombone: J. Pritchard.

Tympani & Drums: J. H. Cudworth.

Pianoforte: H. Stone.


The Mayor and Mayoress of Wrexham,

Councillor and Mrs. N. D. Bird

Town Clerk of Wrexham, Mr. Phillip Walters

Mrs. F. W. Morris                               Mr. W. A. Lea

Miss M. G. Owen                              Mr. F. L. Crowe

Alderman Harripson                       Mr. N. W. McCord

Councillor John Davies                  Miss Morgan

Councillor Linda Davies, J.P.         Mr. H. Williams

Councillor Jennings                        Mr. M. C. Wynn

Councillor E. MacMahon                Mrs. D. Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. J. Bennion Stant            Miss Elsie Hughes

Mr: Edward Boden                           Mrs. D. Lea

Mr. Richard Davies                          Miss Norma Woodward

Dr. Wesley Hill                                  Mr. A. Brown

Mr. I. P. Horton                                   Mr. Eric Jones

Mr. and Mrs. E. Cooper                   Mr. H. D. Caldwell

Mr. John S. Hassal                          Mr. A. Grainger

Mr. C. T. Clark                                   Mr. Geo. Lerry

Mrs. L. Watkin                                  Mr. J. W. Lloyd

Mr. N. Woodward                             Mrs. J. S. Jones

Mr. Ernest Thomas                         Mrs. T. A. Williams

Mr. A. E. Owen                                  Miss M. E. Crawshaw

Mr. A. E. Killian                                 Mrs. Miller

Mrs. S. Thornton                              Mr. R. Dutton

Mr. L. C. Panting                              Miss D. Chapman

Mr. T. H. Winkle

Thank You

The Officers and Committee of Wrexham and District Operatic and Musical Society tender their grateful thanks to

  1. Mr. J. I. Ellis and Staff of the Travel Agency, Queen’s Square, Wrexham, for their invaluable help in booking and selling tickets.

  2. The Ladies Committee for organising successful Social Events during the past year.

  3. Messrs. Border Breweries (Wrexham) Ltd., for advertising space in the “Wrexham Leader.”

  4. The Rainbow Stores, Hope Street, Wrexham, for advertising space in the “Wrexham Leader.”

  5. Mr. C. T. Clark, for advertising space in the “Wrexham Leader.”

  6. Mr. I. P. Horton for advertising space in the “Wrexham Leader.”

  7. The Dressers, Programme Sellers and Hall Stewards and all those who have in any way contributed to the success of this Opera.

  8. The General Public for their appreciation and support in this and previous productions.

  9. Mrs. S. E. Hayes, Norman Boden and Ronald Pickering for their invaluable help at the piano at rehearsals.

  10. Messrs. Montague Burton, Town Hill, for window display.

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