The Magic of Christmas – Dec 2001

Riverside Studio Theatre

The Magic of Christmas

Directed & Choreographed By – Mary Rowley

Musical Director – Shaun Edward

The Story
Imagine life without Christmas….Unthinkable isn’t it?

The Magic of Christmas is a fantasy story about the Williams family who discover a strange box on their doorstep just before Christmas. When the parcel is opened it contains a cake and a card with “EAT ME AT ONCE” written on it and a picture of a Wizard on the back. Holly and Joe are told not to eat the cake until father comes home, but when their mother leaves the room they eat it and are immediately transported to the Wizard’s castle where they are told that he is their Uncle Silas, who’s daughter was killed by a fire at Christmas given by there grandfather many years ago and has hated Christmas ever since, Join Holly and Joe as they try and persuade uncle Silas not to destroy Christmas.

Cast of Characters

MRS WILLIAMS – Laura Roberts

JOE WILLIAMS – Dominic Simms

HOLLY WILLIAMS – Leanne Taburi

UNCLE SILAS – James Harper


GIRL – Sophie Evans

POOR BOY – Cristopher Nadin

DAD – Sammy Clifford

MUM – Danielle Roberts

CHILDREN – James Cox, Emma Murphy, Sophie Evans

GRANDMA – Natasha Bowen

MOTHER – Libby Bove

ANDREW – Andrew Murphy

CLARE – Katie Wright

SANTA – Ray Kavanagh

FAIRY – Clare Walters

MARY – Kelly Roberts

JOSEPH – James Cox

KING 1 – Thomas Evans

KING 2 – Christopher Nadin

KING 3 – Sammy Clifford

CHORUS – Alex Bithel, Rachel Bostock, Libby Bove, Natasha Bowen, Sammy Clifford, James Cox, Nadia Evans, Sophie Evans, Thomas Evans, Chloe Frances, Terri Hughes, Connar Jones, Jade Jones, Verity Jones, Jade Millwood, Andrew Murphy, Emma Murphy, Christopher Nadin, Carla Owen, Joanna Phillips, Emily Powell, Lucy Powell, Kelly Roberts, Daniella Roberts,

Clare Walters, Emma Wright, Katie Wright.

Production Team

Producer/Director – Mary Rowley

Musical Director – Shaun Edwards

Assisted by – David Lawrence

Choreography – Mary Rowley

Technical Manager/Lighting Design – Andrew Nadin

Stage Manager – Ray Kavanagh

Assistant Stage Manager – Adam Owen

Lighting – Matthew Jones, Jenny Turner

Sound – Jonathon Lumb

Costumes – Rita Bithal

Properties – Lyn Aston

Christmas Crib – Jack Robertson

Jack in the Box – Brian Evans

Scenery Design – Mary Rowley, Alan Rossiter

Set Design/Building – Ray Kavanagh, Andrew Nadin, Lyn Aston, Stanley Crabtree, Mary Rowley

Programme Design – Ray Kavanagh

Programme Compilation – Jackie Bird

Publicity – Janet Dobie

Ticket Sales – Robina Crawford

Front of House Team – Beryl Humphreys, Ruth Jones, Joan Robertson, Veronica Hulmes, Sonja Hulmes

Special Thanks Also Went To – All Bar Staff, Tea & Coffee Makers, Sweat Sellers, The Press and of coarse the Mums & Dads.

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