The Boyfriend – Nov 2005

Stiwt Theatre, Rhos.

The Boyfriend

By Sandy Wilson. Directed by Lyn Aston.

Venue: Stiwt Theatre, Rhos.
Show dates: 23rd to 26th Nov 2005. Tickets £10, £7

The Boyfriend is a nostalgic and amusing musical comedy written by Sandy Wilson. It is carnival time in the year 1926 and the charming young pupils of Mme Dubonnet’s finishing school have only one thought in their minds; to have a ‘boy friend’ and then a husband – all except Polly Browne. She has no boyfriend and her father discourages any suitors for fear they are after her money. She meets Tony, a messenger boy, and they fall in love, but Polly tells him she is poor, and is in fact Madame Dubonnet’s secretary. Polly’s father, Percival Browne, comes to visit his daughter, and discovers to his dismay that Madame Dubonet is the girl he had an affair with on Armistice Night in 1918. Madame Dubonnet is as amorous as ever but Percival is not so keen. Polly and Tony arrange to meet that afternoon on the Plage. By chance, Lord and Lady Brockhurst – who fancies himself as a lady’s man – much prefers Nice where the girls show more leg. They recognise Tony as their runaway son and ask a gendarme to catch him. Tony flees, hotly pursued by a gendarme, and Polly assumes he is a criminal. She is heartbroken. All is revealed at the Carnival Ball at the Cafe Pataplon. Tony is the honourable Tony Brockhurst, and Polly confesses that she is the daughter of a millionaire. The rest of the girls all get their man, and Madame Dubonnet’s persistence pays off – she gets Percival Browne. The whole story is set against the background of the froth and fun of the Flapper period – full of foot tapping tunes and lighthearted dialogue.
Polly Browne (Soprano) demure motherless heiress
Tony Brockhurst a messenger boy
Maisie Polly’s vivacious classmate, a flirt and a “madcap”
Bobby Van Husen dapper playboy
Headmistress Mme. Dubonnet intuitive, caring
Percival Browne Polly’s father, a pompous older gentleman
Lord Brockhurst a jolly man with a monocle and high blood pressure – no longer attracted to his wife, he chases every woman he sees.
Lady Brockhurst Keeps a tight leash on her husband, with good reason.
Hortense the snobby, chic French maid
The girls
and Nancy
The boyfriends
Alphonse, Marcel, and Pierre

· Perfect Young Ladies Chorus & Girls Hotense
· Boy Friend, The Ensemble
· Won’t You Charleston With Me? Maisie & Bobby
· Fancy Forgetting Percival & Mme Dubonnet
· I Could Be Happy With You Polly & Tony
· Sur La Plage Boys & Girls
· Room In Bloomsbury, Polly & Tony
· It’s Nicer In Nice Hortense and ensemble
· Intermission II
· You-Don’t-Don’t-Want-To-Play-With-Me Blues Mme Dubonnet
· Safety In Numbers Maisie
· Riviera, The Company
· It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love Dulcie & Lord Brockhurst
· Never Too Late To Fall In Love Reprise
· Carnival Tango
· Poor Little Pierrette Mme. Dubonnet & Polly


Polly Browne – Kendra Jones
Tony Brockhurst – James Harper
Maisie – Keira Pugh
Bobby Van Huesen – Daffyd Griffiths
Mme. Dubonnet – Carmen Edwards
Percival Browne – Bill Robertson
Lord Brockhurst – Raymond Jones
Lady Brockhurst – Marina Barnes
Hortense – Gemma Brighton
Dulcie – Eleri Thomas
Fay – Vicci Carol
Nancy – Angharad Siencyn
Alphonse – Shaun Edwards
Marcel – Tom Furlong
Pierre – Jonathan Francis
Waiter – Alan Edwards
Gendarme – Ron Edwards
Pepe & Lolita – To be confirmed
Debbie French
Robina Crawford
Owen Osborne
Leanne Bonson
Leah Pugh

Production Team

Director – Lyn Aston

Musical director – David Prithchard

Choreographer – Lyn Aston

Technical Manager – Graham Lloyd

Stage Manager – Alan Edwards

DSM – Sye Dobie

Sound – Graham Lloyd

Sound Assistant – Lauren

Lighting – Graham Philips (Stiwt)

Follow Spot – Roesja Blok, Matt Jones.

Backstage Crew – Ron Edwards, Tony Aston, James Pryde, Alan Edwards, Jack Robertson, Tesni Edwards, Lauren

Fly Tower – Kelly Gommersal.

Stage Building – Tony Aston, Jack Robertson, Alan Edwards, Ron Edwards, Graham Lloyd

Properties – Tony Aston, Becky Lloyd

Prompt – Sarah Carrol.

Wardrobe – Gemma Brighton

French Advisor – Janet Dobie

Makeup/Hair – Cast

Programme – Lyn Aston, RJP Design

Photographs – Graham Lloyd

Advertising – Joan Robertson

Publicity – TBA

Box Office – Stiwt, Graham & Becky Lloyd

Front of House – Joan Robertson, Debbie French, Ruth Jones, Beryl Humphreys, Mavis Williams, Jack Robertson.

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