Society Officials 2004

Society Officials 2004

Vice Presidents

Neil Williams, C T Clark,
Colin Hale. Kathy Dougal

Management Committees 2003 / 2004

Executive Council

Chairman Tony Aston
General Secretary Carole Oldknow
General Treasurer Raymond Jones
Membership Officer Robina Crawford
Production Committee Rep Alan Edwards
H Q Committee Rep Tony Aston (Temp)
Bar Committee Rep Raymond Hulmes
Fund Raising Rep Marina Barnes

Production Committee

Business Manager Alan Edwards
Publicity Officer Dafydd Griffiths
Society Member Raymond Jones
Society Member Graham Lloyd
Youth Section Manager Lyn Aston
Technical Manager Graham Lloyd

Headquarters & Development Committee

Manager Tony Aston (Temp)
Society Members Jack Robertson. Bill Hewitt. Ray Hulmes

Social & Fundraising Committee

Convener Joan Robertson
Society Members

Ruth Jones
Beryl Humphreys
Veronica Hulmes
Marina Barnes
Deborah French
Mavis Williams
Pauline Jones
Rebecca Lloyd

Bar Committee

Chairman George Williams

Treasurer Alan Edwards

Rebecca Lloyd
Malcolm Winter
Ruth Jones
Ray Hulmes
Sye Dobie
Graham Lloyd
Tony Aston

Auditor/Independent Examiner Ian Wright

Honorary Legal Advisor Nigel Bird

Registered Charity No 501529

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