31 OCT - 2 NOV 2013

Chairman’s Notes

Good evening and welcome!

I am pleased to say that although we’re experiencing difficult times the Production Committee keep planning ahead. Congratulations to them!

When we, Wrexham Musical Theatre Society, eventually do move we do hope many of you will follow us to wherever the future takes us.

Tonight’s show has lots of appeal and is enjoyed by all the performers so I hope that comes across and has you leaving with a spring in your step and looking forward to the next production.


Peter Lambert.

Director’s Notes

Well all I can really say is “WOW”!

What an experience this has been directing a show for the first time. It could have been a nightmare but it hasn’t. Yes there have been a few hiccups but all in all this small cast of talented, yes I do mean that, performers have worked extremely hard to put this show together. Behind the scenes the story has been much the same with the Musical Director, Technical Manager and Stage Manager all pulling together to make the show work. But tonight you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the efforts too of all the other “teams” that have contributed to this production; the Marketing and Publicity teams, the Ticketing team, the Front of House team and the WMTS team who supply the bar staff and other background assistance that we need to put on a show here at our headquarters.

It only remains for me to thank you for coming along and supporting us tonight and to say “Sit back, relax and enjoy the show”.

Peter Nunn.

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