William Aston Hall


William Aston Hall.

Chairman’s Notes

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the 42nd Production of the Society. I feel that top marks are due to all those concerned in staging of this Musical.

“Finian’s Rainbow” takes place in Rainbow Valley in the mythical State of Missitucky, USA., a fertile valley where the tobacco crop – and the imagination – runs riot.

Our Producer, Anthony Dawson Harper, has worked tremendously hard, and I sure that his creative qualities will be evident in the interpretation of the show.

As Chairman, may I thank all Society members for their continued support and you, the audience, for your encouragement, for without you all our efforts would be in vain.

We still require more Supporter Members, so please give it some thought for I am sure that you would enjoy being part of the Society.


Director’s Notes

In these days of “instant” entertainment it is heartening to know that there are still to be found enthusiastic amatuers who are willing to give their time and gifts to reccreate such delightful shows as the one you are about to see this evening. With its charm and popular melodies “Finian’s Rainbow” is a show which I hope will be enjoyed by both young and old.

I wish to take this opportunity of thanking all the production team and all those both on and off stage who have worked so hard with this production. Their satisfaction and mine would be the knowledge that we have given to you a happy and pleasureable evening – we hope we have succeeded.


Production Director.

The Cast

Buzz Collins – Tryfan Jones

Sheriff – Colin Williams

1st Sharecropper – Neil Williams

Susan Mahoney – Sally Ann Rhodes

The Children

Henry – Neil Dobie

Honey Lou – Clare Edwards

Diana – Joy Johnson

Jane – Alison McCartney

Tom – Nigel Gardner

Annie – Fiona Dobie

Maude – Joy Green

Finian McLonergan – Forsyth Dobie

Sharon McLonergan – Joyce Hobley

Woody McLonergan – Steven Gardner

Og (a Leprechaun) – Mark Pritchard

Senato Billboard Rawkins – Harold Riley

White Geologist – Keith Hobley

Black Geologist – Paul Wynn

1st Necessity Singer – Veronica Hulmes

2nd Necessity Singer – Catherine Hodkinson

Mr. Hire – David Pritchard

Mr. Purchase – Jeremy Fletcher

1st Gospeller – Elwyn Dodd

2nd Gospeller – Paul Wynn

3rd Gospeller – David Humphreys

1st Deputy – Jeremy Fletcher

2nd Deputy – David Pritchard

The People of Rainbow Valley:

Robina Crawford, Gwen Hillman, Violet Scott, Olwen Jones, Nell Jones, Marie Williams, Pat Jones, Carol Samuel, Janet Dobie, Alison Dobie, Margaret Mesham, Debbie Mesham, Moira Brookfield, Catherine Hodkinson, Veronica Hulmes, Christine Brokkes, Rita Brown, Louise Gray, Yola Roberts, Brenda Hughes, Lynne Hughes, David Humphreys, Paul Wynn, Jerry Fletcher, Dennis Capper, Keith Hobley, Bob Adams, Dylan Williams, Ian Williams, Michael Griffiths, Neil Williams, David Pritchard, Neil Sammons.

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