Fiddler on the Roof – Oct 2003

Stiwt Theatre, Rhos

Fiddler on the Roof

Directed by – Mary Rowley

Choreographer – Lyn Aston

Musical Director – David Pritchard

The Story

‘Fiddler on the Roof’ is a story of a family and the village in which they live a simple life. It is set in Tsarist Russia on the eve of the Russian Revolution, when everything is changing, yet the need to uphold traditions still exists.

It tells the story of a man and his relationship with his family, his people, the enemies of his people and his special relationship with God.

It is about love, of a man for a woman, of men for their fellow men and for their birthplace.

It is about pride and dignity, sorrow and oppression.

It is about the generation gap, alive then as it is now.

It is about 1905 but it could be anytime and anywhere.

Cast Of Characters

The Jews
Tevye, the milkman – Stan Crabtree

Golde, his wife – Lyn Aston

Tzeitel, his daughter – Joanna Machin, Sandra Jones

Hodel, his daughter – Annie Hughes

Chava, his daughter – Sarah Fransis, Emma Wass

Shprintze, his daughter – Alice Edgerley

Bielke, his daughter – Nadia Devereux

Motel, the Tailor – Dave Stewart

Yente, the Matchmaker – Debbie French

Perchik, the Student – Dafydd Griffiths

Lazar Wolf, the Butcher – Ray Kavanagh

Mordcha, the Innkeeper – Owen Osborn

Anya, his Wife – Lesley Nunn

Zee, his Daughter – Emma Wass, Sarah Fransis

Avram, the Bookseller – Colin Swinnerton

Sarah, his Wife – Amanda Calton

Ruth, his Daughter – April Lydon

The Rabbi, Jewish Holy Man – Rod March

Mendel, his Son – Jonathan Francis

Nachum, the Beggar – Ray Davies

Isaac, the Baker – Reynold Lancelotte

Shandel, his Wife – Olwen Jones

Martha, his Daughter – Sian francis

Yussel, the Hat maker – Neil Williams

Rifka, his Wife – Janet Dobie

Hannah, his Daughter – Angharad Siencyn

Joseph, the Blacksmith – John Sankey

Sophia, his Wife – Lynda Sankey

Rachel, his Daughter – Katie Roberts

Jonah, the Undertaker – Don Sankey

Mariah, his Wife – Mary Watson

Rienka, his Daughter – Lynsey Stone

Noah, the Fishmonger – Tony Roberts

Mirala, his Wife – Robina Crawford

Ulma, his Daughter – Leanne Bonson

Yosuah, the Candle Maker – Eric Arthur

THE BOYS – Dominic Simms, Steven Williams

The Russians

FYEDKA – Mark Pritchard, Patrick O’Reilly

SASHA – Grant Purcell


THE PRIEST – Peter Nunn

MIKHAIL – Matthew Large

Russian Dancer and Bottle Dancers
Mark Pritchard, Mark Chadwick, Steven Jones,

Patrick O’Reilly

The Spirits
GRANDMA TZEITEL – Robina Crawford

FRUMA-SARAH – April Lydon

THE FIDDLER – James Harper


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