Cinderella – Nov 2001

Riverside Studio Theatre


Directed & Choreographed By – Lyn Aston

Musical Director – David Lawrence

The Story
Cinderella lives with her Father, Stepmother and two Sisters Frumpella and Thinella. Mrs. Wormwood and her two ugly selfish daughters hate Cinderella and are always bullying her, and giving her chores to do. Poor Cinderella never goes out and only gets one hour each day away from her chores. Her poor Father is a weak man, and although he loves Cinderella he fears his Wife and Stepdaughters. Buttons is secretly in love with Cinderella and hopes with all his heart that he win the lottery and marry her one day, but unfortunately Cinderella dreams of one day meeting her prince in shining Armour.

One morning the Princes servant Dandini arrives at the house with an invitation from the Palace. Cinderella is forbidden to go and must stay home with just the cat for company. But suddenly things begin to change when her king Fairy Godmother appears, with help of a pumpkin and four mice, Cinderella is transformed into a real beauty, with a glittering carriage to take her to the ball, but she must leave by 12 midnight or the spell will be broken. At the ball she meets the Prince who is actually looking for a wife, the talk and dance until the clock strikes 12 and Cinderella must run home, but looses one shoe as she leaves. The Prince orders Dandini to announce that he will go into the Principality to find the girl who’s foot fits the shoe.

When the Prince and Dandini arrive at the Wormwoods house Cinderella is set off to her room. Frumpella and Thinella desperately try to make the shoe fit, but of course it does not. Just as the Prince and Dandini are about to leave Mr. Wormwood insists that Cinderella be brought from her room to try on the shoe. When Cinderella enters the room it is obvious that the Price hopes the shoe will fit. At the astonishment of Mrs. Wormwood and her two ugly daughters the she indeed fits perfectly, at last Mr. Wormwood has come to his senses. Everyone is happy, even Buttons, that at last Cinderella can be happy and marry her Prince Charming.

Cast of Characters

CINDERELLA – Freya Kavanagh

BUTTONS – Rod Stone Jnr.

PRINCE CHARMING – Samantha Harrington

FRUMPELLA – Huw Anker Phillips

THINELLA – Stewart Venables


MR WORMWOOD – Matthew Large

DANDINI – Mark Chadwick

PUSS – Keira Pugh


DAVID BECKHAM – Steven Jones


KING – Christopher Waters

QUEEN – Roesja Blok

JACK/COURTIER – Stephen Williams

BILL/COURTIER- Anthony Morris

DANCERS – Lucy Dean, Melissa Jones, Sophie Parry,

Charlotte Phillips, Louise Priamo, Catherine Roberts,

Emma Nadin, Sarah Wright, Rebecca Jones.

CHORUS – Elizabeth Barker, Laura Roberts, Jessica Stevens,

Stephen Williams, Anthony Morris.

Production Team

Director – Lyn Aston

Musical Director – David Lawrence

Choreography – Lyn Aston

Choreography (Vogue) – Samantha Harrington

Technical Manager/Lighting Design – Andrew Nadin

Stage Manager – Ray Kavanagh

Assistant Stage Manager – Adam Owen

Lighting – Jenny Turner, Matthew Jones

Sound – Andrew Nadin Jonathon Lumb

Costumes – Tricia Bowles, Sally Philips, Mary Rowley, Sarah Wright

Makeup – Kate Salmon, Emma Wass, Sally Phillips, Roxanne Holland

Props Manager – Mary Rowley

Scenery Design – Mary Rowley, Lyn Aston,

Alan Rossiter, Genny Bove

Set Design/Building – Ray Kavanagh, Andrew Nadin, Stanley Crabtree, Mary Rowley, Jennifer Cowley

Props – Emma Crabtree, Jack Robertson

Programme Design – Sarah Wright (Junior Member)

Programme – Lyn Aston, Jackie Bird

Publicity – Janet Dobie

Ticket Sales – Robina Crawford

Front of House – Beryl Humphreys, Ruth Jones,

Joan Robertson, Veronica Hulmes, Sonja Hulmes

Cinderella’s Coach – Brian Evans

Special Thanks Also Went To – All Bar Staff, Tea & Coffee Makers,

Sweat Sellers, The Press and of coarse the Mums & Dads.

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