A Night To Remember – April 2002

Riverside Studio Theatre

A Night To Remember

Directed By – Samantha Harrington

The Story
The story revolves around eight very close teenage friends, who decide to throw a party whilst parents are away. The consequences are fraught with having to make decisions that are life changing, which brings out each individual character, with surprising clarity. Will the decisions taken be the right thing to do, should they, do they seek help? Controversy, ignorance, confusion, tolerance, understanding all attribute to the sad situation on one of the friends finds themselves in.

But one thing is certain, their friendship is a very strong bond, which will never be broken. Throughout the play one wonders at the age of some of the characters, as they respond to certain situations in a very mature way. Yet in other situations the fact that they are all young people is apparent.

A Night To Remember is written and Directed by a teenager, and portrays life and a situation as seen and felt through a teenagers eyes. The oldest member of cast is just 16.

Cast of Characters

MEGAN HAZE – Jade Jones

PAIGE HAZE – Roesja Blok

CORY JEFFERSON – Mark Chadwick

DELLA HUGHES – Catherine Roberts

SUZE WILLIAMS – Freya Kavanagh

JOSH BRANDON – Mathew Large

ALEX PATTERSON – Stewart Venables

JON O’NEIL – David Williams

TINA (Waitress) – Sarah Wright

KELVIN DAVIES – Dominic Simms

HUGH JONES – Hew Ankers Philips

TEACHER – Sarah Wright


ETHAN DAVIES – Steven Jones

AUTUMN SMITH – Mellisa Jones

HELEN SMITH – Seren Evans

PHILLIP HUGHES – Stewart Venables

RECEPTIONIST – Rebecca Jones


Production Team

Director – Samantha Harrington

Assistant Director – Lyn Aston

Technical Manager/Lighting Design – Andrew Nadin

Assistant Technical Manager – Jenny Turner

Stage Manager – Ray Kavanagh

Ticket Sales – Robina Crawford

Programme Compilation – Jackie Bird

Properties – Keira Pugh, Stan Crabtree, Kate Salmon,

Steven Jones, Stewart Venables,

Mark Chadwick, Huw Phillips

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